What makes a Website work?

Isn’t it fascinating to think that just mere putting the name of any given website at your browser’s URL field gives you access to the website? This miracle gives me goosebumps and also one question, what makes a website work?


So my curious mind, as usual, wants to find the answer. So I start digging the internet to know how actually it works.


I get to know that, in the inception days of the great internet, it was used to be ARPANET, which lead the development of protocols of internet-networking. With this invention, multiple separate networks can be joined into a single network of networks.


Hereafter comes WWW (World Wide Web) the biggest time killer of history, the protocol which makes FB, Twitter and all the other websites a reality.


After so much of reading, I got to know that, to make a website we need a Domain name, Web Hosting Service and website designed and developed.


Domain name is the name or the URL of a website. It should be registered through any registrar. Web hosting is simply the web server which is continuously content to the internet and always ready to serve any HTTP or other requests. So servers are busier than me, LOL.


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